The Complete Guide to Lockformer Machines and Parts

At H. Weiss Machinery, we are the #1 Lockformer experts in the industry. We’ve worked with Lockformer machines and parts since 1937. On our website you can buy Lockformer equipment, and learn about our Lockformer rebuilding services for old and worn out machines. To help you navigate our website and find the information you want about Lockformer, we have put together this Complete Guide to Lockformer Machines and Parts.

Table of Contents: Complete Guide to Lockformer

Here is an overview of what you’ll find in our Complete Guide to Lockformer machines and parts.

  • About the Lockformer Company
  • Parts of the H. Weiss Lockformer Website
  • H. Weiss Lockformer Rebuilding Services
  • Complete List of Lockformer Equipment
  • H. Weiss Lockformer Support

About Lockformer Custom Machinery
Lockformer made its debut back in 1937 with the original Lockformer – the first efficient and practical lock forming machine. It single-handled reduced the duct-making process from days to just several hours. Lockformer went on to revolutionize the sheet metal industry with its low-cost fabrication and product volume potential.

Soon, Lockformer machines were found in shops across the country, from small mom-and-pop stores to major sheet metal fabrication companies. The company grew and continued to revolutionize the industry. Years later, as an equipment manufacturer with a long history in the HVAC components industry, it developed a range of sheet and coil roll forming machines applicable across a variety of industries and applications including, door and window, store fixtures, home and industrial appliances, office furniture, light fixtures, building products and much more.

Today, the company designs, manufactures, and integrates tooling and machinery for light gauge custom roll forming. It also provides versatile fabrication machines, systems, and solutions. Its roll-forming and flexible fabrication systems can be tailored to high production manufacturing as well as flexible, short production needs.

The company’s products include HVAC roll forming, snap lock, duct connector, mechanical fastening, and plasma cutting machines. It markets products under the brand names Vulcan 2900, Autolok, Cheek Bender, Hand Cleat Bender, and Easy Edger. Lockformer has strategic alliances with Iowa Precision, Dahlstrom, and Rowe.

Parts of the H. Weiss Lockformer website
Our new website has everything you need to find and buy Lockformer machines and parts. Here is a quick look at the primary parts of our website.

If you have questions, comments or want to speak with us about your Lockformer machine, please visit our contact page.

Lockformer rebuilding services

Lockformer products are built to last, but with heavy use, even these machines can get worn out. That doesn’t mean you need to get rid of your Lockformer. All you need is an expert who can rebuild your Lockformer machine to like-new function.

Since we started working with Lockformer in 1937, we have not only sold, but also rebuilt, reconditioned, and refinished Lockformer machines. Our expert technicians will:

1. Provide a rebuilding estimate
2. Diagnose the issues with your Lockformer machine
3. Disassemble the machine and remove defective parts
4. Clean the machine
5. Replace the old parts with new Lockformer parts
6. Reassemble the machine
7. Test for perfect functionality
8. Paint your like-new machine in the traditional Lockformer Blue
9. Get it ready to ship back to you

No one else out there has the skill and expertise that H. Weiss does when it comes to Lockformer machine rebuilding.

Lockformer Product List

Lockformer engineering is both simple in its design and impressive in its function. The feature needle bearings throughout their design, which increases their bearing life considerably. Lockformer machines also use case-hardened, precision-ground gears, shafts, and rolls. This extends the life of these important Lockformer parts. Finally, Lockformer equipment is built with distortion-proof steel side-plate construction – not castings.

We are proud to carry Lockformer machines and parts, such as:

  • Pittsburgh Lock model 14, 16, 18, 20, Super Speed 20, 22, and 24
  • Attachments for Pittsburgh lock machines
    • Auto-guide power flanger attachment
    • Drive cleat cutter attachment
    • Super speed cleatformer ‘S’ cleat cutter attachment
  • Snap lock machines
    • 20-gauge button punch snap lock machine
    • 24-gauge button punch snap lock machine
    • Modified reeves type snap lock machine
    • Duplex machines for forming snap locks
  • Duct Connector Machines
    • Cliprol
    • Super speed cleatformer model 8900
    • Triplex cleatformer
    • Combination ‘S’ and drive cleat cutter attachment
    • Cross-over arrangements
    • Triplex model 14 connector machine
    • Adjustable bar cleat “quick-change” plate construction
    • 14-station DS connector machine
    • Standing ‘s’ cleat machine
    • Super-eleven cleatformer
  • Power Notching Machines
    • 16-gauge speednotch
    • 20-gauge speednotch
    • Bench notcher
  • Power Slitting Machines
    • 16-gauge power slitter
  • Power Bending Machines
    • Button punch cheek bender and notcher
  • Power Flanging Machines
    • Model 14 power flanger
    • 16 auto-guide power flanger
    • 18 auto-guide power flanger
    • 20 auto-guide power flanger
    • Button punch snap lock flanger
  • Beading Machines
    • Model 5 foot beader
  • Insulation Material Machines
    • Duct board cutter
    • Insulation cutter
  • Electronic Measuring, Feeding and Cut-off Machines
    • Model 5 Ton Electro-feed
    • Model 10 Ton Electro-feed
  • Bandsaws
    • 24S Saw
  • Accessories and Tools
    • Quick Acting Trammel
    • Cheek Benders
    • Easi-Move
  • Special Machines
    • Duplex Roll Formers
    • Custom Roll Forming Machines
  • Lockformer Consumables
  • And many, many more!

Total Lockformer support

At H. Weiss Machinery, we are here to support you with all your Lockformer needs. Whether you have a question about which Lockformer replacement part is right for you, or to see if your Lockformer machine is worth rebuilding, we can help. We encourage you to reach out to get answers to your Lockformer questions.

Thank you for visiting H. Weiss Machinery’s new Lockformer website.